“Economics and Economy” is an international scientific periodical, issued by NGO “Economic Laboratory for Transition Research” (ELIT) Podgorica, Montenegro. It publishes theoretical, empirical and applicative articles from all the areas of Economics. The journal is issued twice a year. Articles submitted to the Editorial Board should cover the journal’s subject area, be signed by the author (coauthors) with their forename and surname, scientific grade, affiliation and position held, telephone and e-mail address. We kindly invite interested authors who wish to publish their works in this periodical, to forward their material in digital form to the Editorial Board address (E-mail: radejovovic@t-com.me) according to the following instructions.

JEL classificcation is proposed by the author in accordance with the Journal of Economic Literature classification, available on the website address: http://www.aeaweb.org/journal/jel_class_system.html The author is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of data, facts, quotations and other infor-mation. The Editorial Boards may publish articles for discussion, without necessarily sharing the author’s views.

It is strongly recommended to send articles in the English language. However, upon the compliance of the Editorial Board, it is possible to publish articles in some of the other world languages. Authors from Montenegro and surrounding countries should submit articles both in English and mother tongue due to the bilingual nature of the website.

The structure of article should comprise: the title, abstract, key words, introduction, subtitles, conclusion and bibliography. Articles can also be structured in the following way: introduction, starting hypotheses, solutions, discussion, conclusion and bibliography. In writing their articles, the authors should apply scientific methodology standard for scientific publications.

Literature is to be arranged in alphabetic order of authors and chronologically for the articles of the same author. Literature is to be quoted according to the examples for books, magazines and other sources.

Articles of invited renowned authors will not be reviewed and will be classified as original scientific papers. All other articles will be internationally and anonymously reviewed in three places. The authors’ names are anonymous to the reviewers. Tha articles are classified in the following categories: original scientific paper, preliminary communication, review, professional paper, and book review.

It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure that the submitted article has not been published earlier and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

The Editorial Board retains the right to methodologically adjust the article to the journal propositions and standards of the English language, as well as not to consider articles which do not meet the requirments of these guidelines.

The authors will receive a free copy of the periodicals in which their articles are pub-lished.

Editor in Chief

Radislav Jovović